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Scutellum Trilobite Fossil Morocco 390 MYO #14064 8o


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This is a Scutellum Trilobite from Morocco, North Africa. The trilobite measures 1 1/4 inch in length and dates back to the Devonian time period approximately 390 million years ago. A lot of trilobites are just found as partials and then they sculpt and paint the rest, which is very common. That does not appear to be the case with this piece as it appears to be all original. Another thing to be aware of with these trilobites - the way these trilobites are recovered is by breaking the rock and looking for something inside. If they find evidence of a trilobite inside, they will glue the rock back together and then prep out the trilobite. That's how they are able to get such well preserved specimens. It's the fact that they are encapsulated in rock that preserves their great detail. So there may be those types of repairs present but I don't see any on this piece. This is a great fossil for any collection!